FiscallySound.com is the personal finance blog of Anthony Kirlew, a serial entrepreneur and financial consultant.  Anthony’s background in finance includes work in banking, mortgage lending, real estate, venture capital, factoring, and insurance.  He is the author of The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book, a guide to helping consumers recover and become homeowners after suffering a bankruptcy or foreclosure, and has been featured as a personal finance expert and guest blogger at numerous websites including:

Anthony is an advocate of fiscal responsibility and offers financial resources  to individuals, families, and business owners who want to:

  • Take back control of their financial future.
  • Get their personal or business budget under control
  • Earn more money (or keep more of what they earn)
  • Get out of debt faster
  • Reduce “wealth transfers” such as interest and taxes
  • Not outlive their retirement

If you need personal financial advice, Anthony can refer you to a trusted resource that can assist you. You can reach Anthony at anthony-at-fiscallysound.com.

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